E-Learning and Online Tutors

E-learning an acronym for electronic learning, commonly refers to the use of multimedia technologies and/or the Internet to provide computer-enhanced learning. Focus of elearning is to improvise the quality of learning by facilitating access to multiple resources & services. This requires collaborative use of technolgy, tools and human resources to ensure that the student teacher interaction is more interesting and meaningful. Projects at School from India provides e-learning to school students across the world.

With Internet cutting the geographical barriers E-Learning is becoming a buzz word with school students. E-tutoring is a part of E-Learning wherein students get help and guidance from On-line tutors sitting miles away from them. Projects at School from India offers online assistance and help through tutors on Maths, Science and other subjects for school students of all standards/grades. Our services are not only restricted to Delhi or India but extend to students studying in schools across the globe including UK, USA, Canada. We provide one to one as well as group coaching and tuitions. Projects at School believe in enhancing the subject knowledge through solved examples, working projects, practice questions and problem solving.

Parents who are busy due to their professional workload and office jobs search for efficient and experienced teachers to help their wards in homework , projects and assignments. At ProjectsatSchool we ensure that students perform well at their school with little help from parents. Teachers do agree that one to one interaction with individual students help in increasing their knowledge and grades at school. The salient features of our services include :

1. Homework Help : This is a very economical service pack. The students send questions and assignments to tutors and get their responses/solutions delivered to them after a time-gap of 12 to 36 hours depending on the membership you have signed with us. Homework help includes help on daily homework given to school children and does not refer to specific assignments and projects that students need to complete during long vacations.

2. Online Tutoring : We have a group of teachers from reputed CBSE recognized schools and lecturers from University of Delhi. The school students registered for this service are allotted a dedicated tutor from our team of qualified tutors. Each teaching session would be one-to-one. It's an online guidance through customized approach. Specific solved and unsolved questions and assignments help in better understanding of any topic in Mathematics, Science and all other subjects of middle and high schools.

3. Institutional Tie-Ups : ProjectsatSchool is also open for tie up with large institutions such as schools and public libraries for an organized and mass teaching of students of several grades/classes based on specific curriculum.

In India, a fast implementation of E-learning in schools is important to revolutionize teaching and learning. Please visit our section on elearning developments in India at school and higher levels. We also have specific e-learning and e-tutoring plans based on CBSE curriculum and NCERT text books.