Mathematics Projects for Grade X

Teaching Mathematics through projects has been introduced by CBSE in order to generate interest in the subject and make school students actively involved and enthusiastic about Maths. This innovative approach would develop natural interest in the subject and would attribute happiness in Children. The projects would enhance creative skills and critical thinking for the subject among students. The benefits for the same are immense and not only enjoyment but also making Mathematics a subject of great interest.

Projects at School has closely worked as per the designed curriculum of CBSE through experienced lecturers and teachers in making Mathematics projects for the students and help them to understand the concept and topic more efficiently as following projects are just an example of our work and association:


1. History of Geometry

2. Pythagoras Theorem and its Geometrical Proof

3. Euclid's Proof

4. Four Colour Theorem

5. Algebraic Geometry


and many more.....