Our Services

Projects at School has been involved in all kinds of educational services related to schools. We offer help and guidance not only to students but also to the teachers involved in school education. Our range of services include (but is not limited to) the following activities as mentioned below :

Guidance on School Projects: Projects at School gets involved with individual students and teachers to provide guidance on their projects from the beginning to the completion of projects. This includes - selecting the potential topic based on the subject for which the project is to be made; conceptualizing the ideas; helping in surfing the internet and researching the knowledge base; scanning photographs and images; high quality printing (coloured and monochrome); saving project /(s) on CD; preparing project reports; spiral binding; preparing overhead projector slides for presentation of projects and lot slides for presentation of projects and lot more.
School Assignments: With increasing importance of school assignments, Projects at School offers a bank of ready-made Solved and Unsolved School Assignments which are designed to be used by students as well as teachers.
We welcome Middle and High School teachers to contact us for providing them with ready-made assignments or special customized assignments. Customized assignments can be developed based on the difficulty level of questions and even by narrowing down their choice of questions from specific books.
Homework Assistance: It has been observed that if students get assistance of expert teachers, followed by simple step-by-step explanations through solved examples then their understanding of the concepts is much clear. At Projects at School, our goal is to help students (Maths , Science and other subjects too) throughout the world, 24x7, simplify their fears and enjoy doing their homework assignments. Never feel left behind of their classmates even if they are too shy to ask questions in the classroom at their school.
Teacher Resources: Projects at School is a resource house to meet teaching requirements. We can help with the documentation of ideas and study materials, mathematical formulas, images, diagrams, graphs, pie-charts, histograms and other charts with geometrical shapes and pictures etc. that often can be confusing. With our expert guidance, all this can be as simple as learning 1,2,3…
E-Tutoring and Online Learning: Keeping up the pace with E-learning developments in India, Projects at School is involved in setting up initiatives for providing on-line tuitions to students in Delhi, India, USA, UK and Canada.

Video Conferencing:
Projects at School can arrange facilities like video conferencing through real broadband facilities for group demonstrations, seminar and orientation programs. This service is used when a school has many branches at different locations and has a need to discuss, communicate or compete amongst them-selves as if they were sitting together.

Jobs for Teachers:
Projects at School offers Online tutoring opportunities to teachers to coach / teach students of India, USA, UK and Canada. Teachers interested in working outside India or to work as Online tutors are also invited to send their resume and profile. All interested applicants please submit your detailed resume profile to jobs@projectsatschool.com Only the selected applicants will be contacted.

Projects at School besides providing guidance to students and helping school teachers is also in the process of establishing mutually beneficial relations with schools, universities and educational service providers including e-learning companies and technology solutions providers across the world, offering our bouquet of educational support and above services. We are also looking to partner with global education service providers for providing live tutoring and educational content development services for school students in any part of the world.